About Us

Finding small storefronts selling unique products is getting harder and harder in America. The cost of large-scale compliance favors the big guys and swallows the little guys. Google gives top placement to companies who can bid top dollar on words. A cynic might think this is by design and, since I'm a cynic, it's probably by design.

Business in America is designed to make you give money to people who hate you. This site tries to crack into that a little bit. A link here is a link for bear-group preference. Buying something from one of these folks, or supporting one of these streams, is buying something from people who don't want you dead. You only have limited dollars to spend, so spend them supporting like-minded people.

Presence of a product on this website does not imply an endorsement. We use affiliate linking where possible to keep the site up and running. Support what you like or it goes away.