America Maximus is a pro-American, pro-West business that provides professional guidance for entrepreneurs and creatives in a stripped-down, action-oriented, tough-love setting. The goal is to get your small business, social or political cause, or creative project, launched and in the fight as fast as possible.

Here's who this is for:
- If you’re already up and running, but you’re hitting walls, let's diagnosis choke points so you can get traction and scale.
- If you’re trying to start a business and know you need help doing it, it's okay it's not obvious how to do this.
- If you’re a working entrepreneur or a creative who is overwhelmed, feel trapped, burning out, and ready to quit, let's see if we can get your mojo back.
- If you consider yourself creative and entrepreneurial but have done little (if anything) with that energy, let's rekindle your confidence and ambition with a sane actionable plan.
- If you’re involved in a creative project (a novel, music, artist) but can’t finish it or don’t know how to put all the pieces together beyond the project itself, there's no need to remain a starving artist.
- If you want to start a non-profit, champion a cause, become an activist, or lead a movement but not sure how to start, organize, or have the confidence to get going, help is here.

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