Growing up school was a struggle. According to my teachers there was nothing special about me. An average student who spent 45 minutes everyday in “the resource room”; How embarrassing. Luckily I am not one who is easily deterred. in 2011 I graduated from Cortland University with a Bachelors Degree in 7-12 History Education. A few years later I graduated from the Queens College Birth-2 Special Education Masters program with a 4.0 GPA and won the award given to the top student in the program. In the years that followed I worked in the New York State Early Intervention Program. The work was rewarding. I worked closely with 1000’s of families and assisted them in the development of customized educational plans to best meet the needs of their children with disabilities. Still, something was missing.

In 2016, young and passionate, I developed FFRnews; a grass roots news organization. I created documentaries and videos that reached 100,000’s of people. Literally. It is a unique experience to film a video and have 140,000 people watch it. An impact was made, but I still desired to make a more meaningful impact.

In 2019 I turned my attention to grass roots change in my true area of expertise, education. With Classical Learner I am able to combine my formal education, work experience, historical knowledge, free thinking nature, and refusal to quit to assist families in educating their children in a way that empowers them to grow into strong, independent, dreamers. I stress dreamers. At Classical Learner we do not educate children to be average. At Classical Learner we use children’s interests and natural curiosity to develop talent stacks (skill sets) that allow them to do anything they desire in life. At Classical Learner we promote a culture in which children grow to be adults who always seek out, embrace, and conquer the next challenge in their life.





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