Red Blood, Borneo Short-Tailed, and Sumatran Short-Tailed Pythons.

These three species are some of the most unique snakes on earth. Their large feel in a small package makes them a great choice for herpetoculturists. They are no longer the mean unruly animals from 20 years ago. Today, they are calm, trust worthy snakes that come in a variety of colors and patterns. For the snake hobbyist, there is not a better snake to get into. This is just day one of what the future holds for color and pattern mutations of this group of snakes.

"Our focus isn’t on the worlds firsts, it is on striving to produce the worlds BEST. This is a lofty goal and entails more than just hatching snakes. It encompasses care and raising, your experience as a customer for the life of the snake, as well as planning years down the road. This idea means we will never settle and will continue to grow. It is a journey we want to share with you!"