We offer complete freedom in what kind of products you need.

You can look around sites like thingiverse.com and cults3d.com for the right 3D models that you want and send the file or link of the object to be printed to support@custom-3d.com. Alternatively if you have something custom that needs to be designed you can provide dimensions, pictures, drawings and descriptions in your email.

The objects finish quality, and durability can be increased if needed at extra cost (higher durability = higher density of plastic) (quality finish= longer printing time)
You can choose any color you want.

After paypal confirmation your object will be sent out in 1-3 days!

(We accept e-transfers and crypto as well, or we can go through my Etsy store if you want to use a credit card)

My website: www.custom-3d.com
My Etsy Store: www.etsy.com/ca/shop/3DCustomCOM
My Instagram/facebook: 3D.Custom
Business Email: support@custom-3d.com