This world needs beauty, and I have the God given gift of artistic talent. So, the next logical step is to be the one to actively manifesting beauty as thanks for the gift I have been given. I am a self taught "Flameworker" or "Lampworker". Flameworking uses an oxygen/propane torch to melt and shape the glass into my many creations. Melting at around 3000 degrees Fahrenheit, glass captures the dynamic properties of fluid frozen in time. In addition to the properties of reflecting and refracting light, I have a whole life's worth of learning and practice ahead of me, won't you join me? If you like my work, make it yours. Want to have your own custom glass piece made? Or If you see a piece of mine you would like to own, contact me on Via email or Instagram @zinalosi_glass.

PS: If you have the ashes of a loved one or pet I can encase the ashes in a pendant or sculpture. I live to make work the brightens up the world, than includes yours. :)