Voice of the Archangel is not a normal book. You will be a changed person after reading it. Learn how God is precipitating specific historical changes in Christ’s Church and world governments, through the fourth great awakening.

Each of the 12 independent chapters is a key that will unlock your understanding of the deeper things in Scripture.

1. Father's Dwelling Place is in the human spirit.

2. Invisible Heaven is the invisible, spiritual dimension/world.

3. Kingdom of Yahweh is the message preached by Jesus, Paul & the Apostles.

4. Renewing the Mind is the Spirit process of replacing world with kingdom.

5. The Pharisees are legalistic, evil people masquerading as believers.

6. Yahweh's Divine Name is His true name, used over 6,000 times in the O.T.

7. The Angels are people who are busy carrying messages from Father.

8. The Archangels are the highest order of all the angelic beings.

9. The Prophets are people who can hear and speak Spirit-words.

10. Entering the Holiest is coming into the felt presence of Father.

11. Melchizedek Priesthood is the “special forces” branch in Father’s army.

12. End of the World is actually the end of the age, aeon, or time period.

Packed with references and real world experience, this book is a labor of love dedicated to the pursuit of truth--ushering in the fourth great awakening.

Personalized Contact:
I have done missions, evangelism and pastoral work for more than 45 years. And, I've preached more than 4,000 sermons in 44 states and led missions trips to Nigeria, Mexico, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Australia, China and Tibet; Taught church history seminars; and Counseled hundreds of people. I've been pursing truth and wisdom, at the expense of a career, prestige and fame, and God's grace has never failed to be sufficient--abounding in love and the peace of Christ.

A great deal of my energy has gone into creating a strong family, with the help of my lovely wife, Deborah. We have five adult offspring, and many friends all over the country who are part of our family as well through covenant relationship.

I have cried over every chapter of this book and am confident that it stir, rejuvenate and empower God's people to walk boldly in the authority He has granted us. Everything in its proper season and time. Now is the time for the fourth great awakening.